Saturday Feeding Program

As of the fall of 2012, the Saturday Feeding Program is no longer operating.  When funds are available, Marie Noel is still distributing uncooked food for children and their families to take home but a meal is no longer being prepared for them on Saturdays.  Thank you to everyone who has donated to this program.  If you would like to donate towards the cost of food distribution, donations are still being accepted for this.  Please visit our Donate page and make your donation using the Saturday Food Distribution button.  Thank you!

In the Spring of 2007 Marie Noel felt led to begin a program to feed the young children in her neighborhood in Terrier Rouge on Saturdays.  Marie knew that for many of these children, Saturday was a day when they might not get anything to eat.

(left) Some young boys waiting for their meal they receive from the Saturday Feeding Program 

During the week the children receive a meal at school and on Sundays they can receive a meal if they attend L'eglise Baptiste, but on Saturday there are no opportunities for them to receive a meal anywhere. Her original plan was to start a small program for perhaps around 20 children - preparing a meal for them and feeding them in her yard.    


However, this small program has grown over the past few years and now Marie is feeding well over 100 children on Saturdays!


She still prepares the meal and serves it right in her back court and now she has enlisted the help of several other young women to help her with this monumental task. Most of these children come from very difficult situations and they would go hungry on Saturdays if it wasn't for this program. 

Marie is able to feed these hungry children only because of the generosity of others.