April 2016




We had a wonderful and productive trip to Haiti in March, seeing 247 children in all.   While Jamie Charles was with a team in the Philippines, our team of six ladies went to Haiti.   We ranged in ages from 17 to upper 70’s and we worked well together with our brothers and sisters there in Haiti!   This was my first time leading a trip and I’m so thankful for our team, which made the trip go so well!   I had been working on learning Haitian Creole for months, and it was great to be able to have conversations with the Haitians!   I have a lot more to learn, but the basics were there!  It was also helpful that the temperatures were in the 70’s and 80’s the entire time, with no excessive heat!  


It rained our first day of work, making it not possible to travel to Roche Platte.  This was the only community we did not get to go to. The goals of the trip were to do all of Terrier Rouge and also to go to all of the other communities to see just the children who were absent last October.  We were pleased that Terrier Rouge had a great turnout and we saw most of the children on the lists! 


You will notice that there is a change to the sponsorship information sheet.  We are now printing the child’s picture directly onto the information sheet, and then including separately a printed photo.   Also, for the first time ever on a trip, both sets of scales for getting the children’s weights broke!  This happened on the first day, so we were unable to weigh all the children, which explains why that section may be blank or missing on your form.  


If you have a new email address, please let us know for our records.  We send your tax receipts in January and it saves money to be able to email it, rather than mailing it.   Please make sure your email program is configured to accept messages from us and not go into the spam folder. 


We are beginning to plan for the next trip to Haiti in October.   During that trip we will be going to all of the communities, except for Terrier Rouge, where we will just do the ones who were absent last month.   Our travel schedule for His Hands Support Ministries is quite busy!   Have you checked out our website lately to see our programs in Kenya, the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in our Africa program, Swaziland, Honduras, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala and two programs in the Dominican Republic?  


Thank you for your support through sponsorship in Haiti!   Each child matters and we strongly believe that “Every Child Deserves an Education”.    


For all the precious children,


Marilee Colpitts

His Hands Support Ministries