His Hands for South Africa Child Sponsorship Program

Our goal is to support and encourage the work of our brothers and sisters in Christ in the country of South Africa and to support the ministries of their children’s nursery and preschool. We strive to demonstrate the love of Christ through works of service to these believers as well as to other Christian missions and missionaries in the country of South Africa as we have opportunity – to be God’s “hands and feet” and His servants to His children in South Africa.

Why South Africa?  Why should we help?

"Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!"  Psalm 126:5 

(in Setswana language - "Ba ba jwalang ka dikeledi, ba tla roba ka tuduetso")

South Africa is the most urbanized country in the Southern African region. Traditionally in Africa, poverty is coupled with the image of someone living in a rural village without access to basic necessities due to location. In the wake of Apartheid in South Africa, however, an increasing number of children live in slums, shanty towns, and informal dwellings (mud houses, tin or cardboard shacks), right in the heart of some of the country’s most thriving cities. These children are among some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in the world, deprived of the most basic services and ultimately deprived of the right to learn and succeed. 

Approximately 2 million South Africans live in these informal dwellings. Moreover, 53% of the South African schools are categorized as the poorest by provincial education departments. In addition, HIV/AIDS is substantially more prevalent in these poor townships than in other parts of the country, as residents do not have the same access to information, prevention and treatment. The way out for these children is education.

Jwalang Ministries

Jwalang Ministries focuses on early childhood development  and assists children in reaching their full potential as human beings.  Founders Theo and Yvonne Burakeye work tirelessly to help not only protect the children of Jwalang, who are residents of a squatters camp in Johannesburg, but they also focus on their physical, mental, and spiritual development providing a safe haven for these children each school day.  Jwalang provides this daily care for children from birth until they begin first grade at age 6.

His Hands for South Africa

His Hands for South Africa was founded in June of 2018 when a partnership was formed between His Hands Support Ministries and Jwalang Ministries and Theo and Yvonne Burakeye. For a small monthly payment of $25 you can help a young child have a safe place to be cared for during the day and give them a positive head start on their education!

100% of your sponsorship payment goes to Jwalang Ministries to help with their budget at the school, none of it goes toward the administrative expenses of this program here in the United States. For more information, visit our Sponsorship page or contact us.