Bartimaeus Mission

 The Bartimaeus Mission was founded in 1996 by In Yeob Cho. Blind himself, In Yeob Cho came to the Philippines from his homeland of Korea and founded the Bartimaeus Mission in Santo Thomas to help blind young adults continue in their education as well as learn a trade so they can support themselves.


(at left, pictured left to right) Lilybeth Valdez, social worker; In Yeob Cho, founder; and Fernando Organo, director. Lilybeth and Fernando are also married to one another.






While they do have another, smaller place in the city, they prefer their home here on the top of a high mountain in Santo Thomas. Although it is stark, it is preferable because they have more space for gardening so they can grow their own food.


(right) The Bartimaeus Mission home in Santo Thomas


(left) The stark interior of the Bartimaeus Mission home




(right) Cooking inside the home over an open fire


There is no electricity here on the top of the mountain nor do they have running water. Currently they have to walk down a steep trail to get water and then carry it back up to the house. Because of this difficulty, they are in the process of hand-digging a well near the house.

Besides working on their continuing education, the students are also learning trades. In Yeob Cho is a martial arts instructor and is currently funding the Mission soley on the income he earns from this trade as well as theraputic massage.  More funding is needed to help these students continue in their education and support their living expenses. You can help by sponsoring The Bartimaeus Mission for just $20 per month - or any amount you choose.  Please visit our Donate page!

 (right) The students of The Bartimaeus Mission





Let us serve the Lord with joy!