Sponsor A Pastor

These pastors are working among the lowest caste people in their respective areas. The people of their churches are poor and are unable to support the pastors and their families at the level they need to be able to take care of their families and the needy people in their areas. Also, these pastors are facing persecution from people in their areas who are opposed to the Christian faith. These pastors are all in full-time ministry so they need the support of their brothers and sisters in other parts of the world to be able to continue in the the good works God has for them. Sponsorship of one of these pastors is just $50/month. Sponsors will be provided with more information on the pastor and his family, including information on how to correspond with them if they choose to do so, once their sponsorship is completed. Please note - For security reasons, specific locations will not be mentioned on this website.
Please note: The sponsorship fee of $50 is a monthly fee.  You can choose to use the PayPal button to begin your sponsorship today which will also set up a recurring monthly payment. Please note that a PayPal processing fee will be included monthly. To pay by check, please contact us.