Jeya & Grandsons

Jeya & Grandsons

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Jeya is an elderly, widowed grandmother and sole caretaker of her two teenaged grandsons. The boys' mother died in a tragic kitchen fire accident, leading the boys’ father to flee the responsibility of raising two sons on his own.

Jeya struggles to meet the needs of her family on her own now that her own husband has passed away.

She can occasionally work harvesting rice when the fields are dry. This is seasonal work at best.

The grandsons are in their teens and at risk for leaving school too soon in order to find daily wage work to support the family.

This family is currently living in a rented home, but if Jeya were to pass away before the boys reach adulthood, the boys would be immediately evicted.

A sponsorship of only $20/month can sustain this family financially by providing for their basic needs.

Please consider sponsorship to provide support and encouragement to Jeya and her grandsons.

The sponsorship amount for Jeya & Grandsons is $20 per month.

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