Amutha & Children

Amutha & Children

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Amutha is the sole caretaker of her two disabled children, Manikandan and Santhiya. Amutha's husband left her and the children for another woman, leaving Amutha struggling to provide for the basic needs of her family.

Although Amutha has work experience in agriculture and brick works, in order to work for daily wages, Amutha is left with no choice but to lock her children up inside their home in order to keep them safe from predators or from wandering out on their own or into danger.

After a day's hard labor, Amutha comes home only to find the inside of her home and their few belongings destroyed by her children while left unattended.

Until Amutha can find a way to work from home or to provide for her family through other sustainable means, a sponsorship of $20/month can help support Amutha and her children so that she can better tend to their needs while finding ways to improve their family situation.

Please consider encouraging Amutha and her family by becoming a Family Support sponsor today.

The sponsorship amount for Amutha & Children is $20 per month.

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