His House

Just after the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12th of 2010, Pastor Noel began building a home for children who have no place to live. Pastor Noel's vision for this home, which will be an on-going work of L'eglise Baptiste de Terrier Rouge, is to build several small homes on the property with one housemother and approximately 10 children in each home.   




 Currently there are 2 homes on the property and the children who have been placed in the homes are children who come from families that are unable to provide for their needs or are orphaned or abandoned.

(right) Home #1 with Mme. Christian as housemother




Most of the younger children live in Home #2 with Mme. Edma (at left)



(below) The dining/sitting area and one of the bedrooms inside Home #2




 There is a well on the property so they have easy access to a water supply.







They also have goats and a small garden plot.  (A larger plot is available off-site.)


Regular support is still needed for His House.  If you would like to help, please visit our Donate page.