Cap-Haïtien is a the 2nd largest city in the country of Haiti, with a population of about 190,000. There are approximately 10,000 people in the neighborhood where the school is located.  The main opportunities for employment are for merchants but most people do not have regular work. New Jerusalem Ministry Baptiste church in Cap was founded by Pastor Joseph Saintil in 1979.  This church of 2,600 people has a school of approximately 275 children as one of their ministries up through 6th level.  His brother, Léonor Saintil, is the director of the school and thanks you very much for your willingness to help these Cap-Haitian students.  NOTE: We ask that you pray for Pas Saintil's family as God called him home on 19 November 2018. We will continue to work with the school's director, Léonor Saintil, who has the compassion for these children as his brother did. Please continue to pray for his family, the school and the children.



The Baptist church in Danda has about 400 members. Pastor Elima Etienne has been the Pastor in Danda since 1975. Before coming to Danda, Pastor Elima was an assistant to Pastor Noel in Terrier Rouge and he refers to Pastor Noel as his "father in the faith". Frandieu Jean-Jacques is Pas Elima's assistant. Danda is a small community about 11 miles (18 km) from Terrier Rouge in a very remote, very rural area. Pastor Elima arranges for agronomists to come to Danda twice a year to help instruct the people on more modern and successful ways of growing their own food. He also teaches children and their families how to raise goats. Please click on the http://www.hishandssupportministries.org/haiti/kid-for-a-kid link to learn more. The church has a school as one of their many ministries. This school has preschool through 6th grade and in 2010 they added a Secondaire school (7th through Philo). 


DeRac is a small, poor, very dry community on Ft. Liberty bay, approximately 10 miles east of Terrier Rouge with a population of about 6,000. With its close proximity to Ft. Liberty Bay, most of the people in DeRac who have employment make their living by fishing or selling fish. But, in general, employment opportunities are very scarce in this area. The Baptist Church in DeRac, "L'eglise Baptiste Philadelphie de DeRac" was founded in 1941 and since 2003 is Pastored by Eberle Mettelus. One of the ministries of the church is their school of approximately 300 students in preschool through 6th grade.  The children in the school are provided with a meal at school each school day.


Pastor Viccelot Jean-Louis has been the Pastor of L'eglise Baptiste since 2013 and started the school in 2014. The school teaches about 225 students from preschool through 6th grade. This is the only school in the local area. Other children from this area have to travel to Ouanaminthe, about 2-1/2 miles away. The only opportunities for employment come from agriculture and mechanics. 


Located about 12 miles east of Terrier Rouge, there are about 19,600 residents in Ferrier and the surrounding area. The school, which has a current enrollment of 55 students up through the 6th grade level, was established in 1985 by Pastor Jodelin Etienne’s father-in-law. Pastor Etienne took over in 2000 with his Church located in Savane Carrèe. The only opportunities for employment come from growing rice and raising cows and goats. Unfortunately this area is subject to flooding creating health issues such as malaria and typhoid.


The village of Garde-Saline, which is approximately 8 km east of Terrier Rouge, the primary village of the Child Sponsorship Program. It is on the northeast coast situated between Phaeton and Fort-Liberté. There are about 1800 residents in Garde-Saline and the surrounding area. Institution Baptiste de Garde-Saline, which has a current enrollment of about 200 students preschool through 6th level, was established in 2012 as part of the Baptist church. Pastor Herisse Pierre has been pastoring here since 2009. There are about 400 in the church. The only opportunities for employment come from gardening, fishing, and charcoal making, but jobs are very scarce here. Health issues include fevers, infections, worms and malaria. 


Located about 10 miles from Terrier Rouge, the people in Jacquesyl earn a living as fishermen, producing charcoal, or in agriculture.  Despite these opportunities, the community remains quite poor. Pastor Nelson Jean has been their pastor at the Baptiste Church since 2008. One of their ministries is their school with grade levels preschool through 6th.


Jean Calvin School is in the community of Trou du Nord, which is approximately 6 miles from Terrier Rouge. The school was started in 2014, has about 200 students enrolled, and classes are Preschool through 9th grade. The school building is so small they have two sessions. Pastor Patrique Lamour and his congregation are praying for a bigger building.


L'eglise Baptiste Jerusalem de Juchereau was started around 1925 by believers in the town of Trou du Nord and the existing building was built in 1985.  Juchereau, located in a very rural area, is about a mile outside of Trou and home to about 8000, most of whom are subsistence farmers. Pastor Samuel Mathieu and the church has a school with approximately 270 students in their preschool through 6th level. 


Ouanaminthe is a large city of over 10,000 residents on the border of the Dominican Republic and located about 20 miles from Terrier Rouge.  It’s large size and proximity to the border means it is mainly a city of commerce so most employment opportunities would be in that area.  The Pastor of the Baptist church in Ouanaminthe, Francel Gracia,  has been the Pastor there since 2014 and his church has a school of approximately 470 children, preschool through Philo levels, as one of their ministries. NOTE: Pas Francel passed away in July 2019 due to cancer. Please be in prayer for his family, congregation, and the children at the school. Pray for a Pastor with the same heart for the people in this community. 


The Baptist Church in Paulette was started many years ago by Pastor Noel. Pastor Maxis Vilmar has been the Pastor in Paulette since June of 2009, and the ministry includes a school with preschool through the 6th grade level. Higher levels attend schools in Terrier Rouge and other areas. The children here get one meal a day at the school. It is located on the same property as the Church building. Paulette is a very small, very poor village near the Northeast coast, just a few miles northeast of Terrier Rouge. It is a very dry area so it is not good for agriculture. There was a sisal factory in the nearby village of Phaeton, which employed many people, but it closed many years ago taking away the only employment opportunities in this area. None of the parents of the children in the school in Paulette have steady employment.  NOTE: Please check out our Pedals for Paulette page at http://www.hishandssupportministries.org/haiti/pedals-for-paulette


The Baptiste church here was also started by Pas Noel many years ago and is now Pastored by Karry Lafosse. Pas Karry and the church have a school with grades up through the 6th level. They also get one meal a day at the school. Phaeton is located a couple miles from Paulette, is remote, and like Paulette, higher grade levels attend schools in Terrier Rouge and other areas. Many students in Paulette and Phaeton walk 6 to 8 miles one way to attend schools in TR. Those fortunate to have work earn their living by fishing or selling fish.


Pastor Kenth Jacques's L'eglise Baptiste de Roche Platte has about 360 members who are doing their best to be a light in a very dark place. Roche Platte (or "Flat Rock" in English) is an area with a lot of voodoo activity. Roche Platte, a couple miles from Juchereau, has a population of approximately 1,500 people and is located in a very remote, rural area. The school is a part of their ministry and has classes from 1st through 9th levels. Again, very few have any opportunity for employment. 


Romeo is situated on the main road leading from Cap-Haïtien to the border of the Dominican Republic, just a few miles east of Terrier Rouge.  Many of the people living in this area make their living from making and selling charcoal. Most are also subsistence farmers. But there is really very little employment in the area. Pastor Emmanuel Cherfils and his church have a school with students from preschool through 6th level, who get one meal a day at the school.


This community is about 3 miles from Terrier Rouge on the main road. There are about 2000 residents in Savane Carrèe and the surrounding area. The school, which has a current enrollment of about 30 students in grade levels 7th through 9th, was established by Pastor Jodelin Etienne after his return to the community in 2007. Pastor Etienne also has the school in Ferrier that is part of the HHSM sponsorship program. The only opportunities for employment come from making and selling charcoal and food, but jobs are very scarce here. They try to grow small gardens, but rain has not come and it is very dry making water hard to get. Health issues include fevers, high blood pressure, malaria, typhoid and some cholera.  NOTE: (May 2019) They are in the process of the completion of the church building, building of a bathroom, and would love to have more school classrooms. If you would like to donate towards these needs please go to the http://www.hishandssupportministries.org/haiti/donate page, go to the section titled General Donation, click on the Donate button, and be sure to add a note what the donation is for. Our team was able to attend the beautiful church service, meet some of the people in the community, and spend time with the children for the first time. 


Stanford Kelly school was started in Desvarenne, a small neighborhood on the outskirts of Trou du Nord.  It has a population of about 2,000 people who earn their living in the same manner as those in Trou du Nord proper - commerce and agriculture. The school was started here in a rented house with just preschoolers and later moved to an area in Trou du Nord and now goes to the 7th grade level. It is a five minute walk from the  L'eglise Baptiste de Trou du Nord school we also serve at. Stanford Kelly is bursting at the seams, but the students are happy to have a place to learn. The Baptiste Church in Desvarenne was founded in 2009 and currently has about 300 people in attendance.  Pastor Jocelyn Desir has been the pastor in Desvarenne since it was founded.   


Terrier Rouge is a large community of over 20,000 people (including the surrounding areas) located  in Northeast Haiti on the main trade route between Cap-Haïtien and the Dominican Republic.  There are a variety of ways in which the people in Terrier Rouge earn a living - everything from merchants, mechanics, construction trades, agriculture, taxi drivers, etc. but the majority of the people do not have regular employment. 

The Baptiste Church in Terrier Rouge ministers to approximately 600-700 people each Sunday. Pastor Apollon Noël is a Haïtien national pastor who has been ministering as the founder and pastor of L'eglise Baptiste of Terrier Rouge for over 60 years. His beautiful wife, Marie, is our gracious host, friend, and sister-in-Christ (some of us think of as "mom") at the mission house we use as our base during our twice-yearly trips to Haiti. Marie Noel also feeds the children in the area on Saturdays when donations have been made for this ministry. You can learn more and donate here http://www.hishandssupportministries.org/haiti/saturday-feeding-program to help feed the children in TR weekly. Pastor Marc Tyrell has been Pastor Noël's assistant since 2003. L'eglise Baptiste school is preschool through Philo. Many of the students in the secondary school are older than the typical middle or high school age student in the United States, but they still desire to finish their education.  There are approximately 1000 students here. NOTE: (May 2019) The church was recently able to replace the roof and are now in need of replacing the many wooden benches. (October 2020) The benches have all been replaced with newly built ones. What a blessing! If you would like to donate towards other needs of the Baptiste Church in Terrier Rouge please check under the paragraph "General Donation" and click the donate button on this page http://www.hishandssupportministries.org/haiti/donate. If you would like to avoid PayPal fees you may also send a check. The address is located here http://www.hishandssupportministries.org/haiti/contact


Trou du Nord is a community of approximately 50,000 near the Northeast coast of Haiti. Most of the people in the community make their living through commerce or agriculture. L'eglise Baptiste de Trou du Nord was founded in 1940 and since 2015 is Pastored by Josué Jacques. He and his church of 1,000 members has a school of about 480 children in the 1st through 9th level, as one of their ministries. 


Welsh is a very small, very remote settlement in Northeast Haiti outside the border city of Ouanaminthe about 25 miles from Terrier Rouge.  The only opportunities for employment in this very remote location come from agriculture.  The Pastor of the Baptist church in Welsh, Francilot Bénoit,  has been the Pastor in Welsh since 2014 and his small church has a school of approximately 27 children through 2nd grade, which was started in 2016, as one of their ministries.