Hands of Compassion (Manos de Compasión)

Hands of Compassion, or Manos de Compasión in Spanish, is a children's home located in Santiago Atitlan.  Currently being run by David & Deborah Reichard, Hands of Compassion is home to 26 children from infants up to age 18.

right - David & Deborah Reichard with their 2 children


above - The children of Hands of Compassion with David & Deborah and volunteer, Dawn (and one other guest)

The primary objective of Hands of Compassion is to provide a loving home for Guatemalan children with the goal of raising up abandoned, abused, and forgotten childen to be men and women of Christ.

left - One of the children's bedrooms






right - The nursery






 left - Mealtime!

The children are homeschooled with the help of other volunteers


left - One of the libraries with books for all ages






In an effort to try to provide for some of their needs, David & Deborah and the children are raising goats

and have a good-sized vegetable garden.


And in all things David & Deborah give thanks to God and are striving to glorify Him in all that they do to serve the children as well as the people in their community.




If you are interested in knowing more about Hands of Compassion, please visit their website, Guatemala Ministry.  If you would like to help support Hands of Compassion, please visit our Donate page.