Tender Mercy Church Ministries - Uganda

The goal of this ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are lost as well as to disciple those who are already believers. They also strive to meet the needs of those who are hurting and struggling both physically and spiritually. 

BalibreaPastors Jonathan & Lilian

Tender Mercy Church Ministries - Kyegegwa, Uganda  

Tender Mercy Church Ministries was founded in 2016 by Pastor Jonathan Gumisiriza and his wife, Lilian. Their church currently ministers to 150 people. They also started a school in 2018 that currently has 3 grades - Baby and Top in preschool, and P1 in primary school. They hope to add higher grades as they are able.


To learn more about how to sponsor a child, please visit our Sponsorship page. To view photos and information of children in Tender Mercy Ministries who are waiting for a sponsor, please visit our Children in Need page.  Will you help an African child today?