Upcoming Events of His Hands Support Ministries - 2018


February 2018 - Team trip to Mexico with Fayette Baptist Church  (His Hands for Mexico) - Details TBA

March 2018 - Team trip to the Philippines (His Hands for the Philippines) and team trip to Indonesia (His Hands for Indonesia)- Details TBA

April 2018 - Investigative trip to a potential new program country! - Details TBA

June 2018 - Team trip to Guatemala with Eliot Baptist Church (His Hands for Guatemala) - Details TBA

July 2018 - Combined team trips to Kenya, East Africa, and Swaziland (His Hands for Kenya) (His Hands for Africa) (His Hands for Swaziland). Also team trip to Honduras (His Hands for Honduras) - Details TBA

September 2018 - Team trip to the Dominican Republic (His Hands for the Dominican Republic) - Details TBA

October 2018 - Team trip to Haiti (His Hands for Haiti) - Details TBA

December 2018 - Team trip to Myanmar (His Hands for Myanmar) - Details TBA