Housing Fund

A Myanmar Housing Fund has been created with an ultimate goal of establishing a permanent home for the children's home.   Historically this ministry has relied on rented facilities.  Affordable rental properties that can accommodate so many children have been difficult to find, facilities that are too crowded have at times been all that is available, and leases have sometimes been cancelled with very short notice.  


The only remedy to such uncertainty and disruption which can give the children the lasting stability and security they need is to obtain a permanent home.  This will require either purchasing a home and renovating it or purchasing a lot and building a new home on it.  


Toward this end donations to the Myanmar Housing Fund are very gratefully received.  Though the costs are significantly less to purchase or build a home in Myanmar than in many other parts of the world, some very generous donations by compassionate donors like you will be needed to make this miracle possible.

 The children are fervently praying for God’s provision, and we are privileged to be part of the Lord’s answer to their prayers.  Every dollar contributed to the Myanmar Housing Fund is entirely applied toward the housing needs for these beautiful children. 

UPDATE: Sufficient funds have been raised to purchase a home - praise God!  But funds are still needed for much-needed renovations and additions to the home they were able to purchase.

If you would like to make a donation to the Housing Fund, please visit our Donate page.