His Hands for Cuba Senior Sponsorship Program

We are a senior sponsorship program that pairs sponsors, people like yourself, with seniors in need in Cuba.  His Hands for Cuba works alongside our Cuban partners, Pastor Tomas Mejias and Acela Labrador Gilimas.  Acela Labrador Gilimas is the director of Iglesia Bautista Libre Hogar de Ancianos Pedro Gonzalez, which is a home for the elderly in Havana, Cuba.  The home was started in 1994 in order to help meet the needs of the elderly in his area.  When a senior is sponsored for $25 per month through His Hands for Cuba they receive:

  • Food, clothing, and shelter in a wonderful home for the elderly
  • Medical expenses
  • Companionship and care

The fee for the sponsorship is $25 per month which helps to cover the cost of their food, clothing, shelter, and medical expenses. Sponsors receive a photo and personal information about the senior they are helping including information about how to correspond with them if they choose to do so. Sponsors can choose the senior they would like to sponsor and may continue to sponsor the same senior from year to year, as long as they remain in the program. 100% of the sponsorship payment goes directly to Cuba. None of it is used to cover the administrative expenses of this program here in the US.  


Sponsoring a senior in Cuba is truly a blessing not only to the senior but to the sponsor as well. If you would like information about how you can sponsor an elderly person in Cuba, please contact us. If you would like to view some of the seniors that are available to be sponsored, please visit our Seniors In Need page.


Won't you reach out and help? - Sponsor an elderly Cuban today! Please contact us.