Family Support

These families of children in our program are part of our new Family Support program for highly vulnerable families.   When disabled children are left with only one parent, or a death in the family occurs and children are left in the care of an elderly grandmother, the family suffers because the single caretaker cannot sustain the family financially.  A single mom finds it difficult to work regularly when taking care of her disabled children full time.  An elderly grandmother takes in her grandchildren when their mother dies, but due to age and health issues, cannot work enough to provide for them.  In extreme situations like this, a sponsorship of $20/month can help sustain the family and ensure that the children will be able to stay in school rather than being sent into the workforce. 

To learn more information on the families in this program, please be sure to click on the “more information” link next to their photo.  There, you will learn about their situation, and find the link to use to sponsor that particular family.

Please consider sponsoring a vulnerable family in India today!