His Hands for Guatemala Child Sponsorship Program


Public schools in Guatemala are free but can charge registration fees which, together with the cost of mandatory school supplies, puts the cost of education well beyond what the poorest families can pay.

His Hands for Guatemala has established a sponsorship program through which you can sponsor a child in Guatemala to help them attend school.  $35.00 per month will help pay for one of these beautiful children to attend school. $35.00 per month will help provide them with all their educational materials, TWO meals each school day as well as basic medical care. The opportunity to attend school can be life-changing for these children! In most cases, the children in the program have never had the opportunity to attend school before!  [Please Note: Because of the high costs involved in running a private school that has to follow government rules and regulations, TWO sponsors at $35/month each are needed to cover the educational costs for each child.  The first sponsorship will cover the costs of student materials, school supplies, two meals a day for the children and staff, and basic medical care. The second sponsorship will help cover the employees’ salaries and the expenses of the building.  Sponsors may choose to take on one or both of the necessary sponsorships for any child.]

Sponsors receive a photo and personal information about the child they are helping including information about how to correspond with their child, if they choose to do so. Sponsors can choose the age and/or gender of the child they would like to sponsor and may continue to sponsor the same child from year to year, as long as the child remains in the program. 100% of the sponsorship payment goes directly to Guatemala. None of it is used to cover the administrative expenses of this program here in the US.

Sponsoring a child in Guatemala is truly a blessing not only to the child, but to the sponsor as well. The opportunity exists for sponsors to join one of our mission teams traveling to Guatemala and experience the joy of meeting their sponsored child! Would you consider sponsoring a Guatemalan child today?

If you would like information about how you can sponsor a Guatemalan child, please contact us. If you would like to view some of the children that are available to be sponsored, please visit our Children In Need page.