Cristo Centro Zolano

Iglesia Cristo Centro in Zolano was founded in 2009 by Pastor Gregorio Medina and his wife, Francisca.

 (right) Pastor Gregorio and Francisca

Zolano is a small community of approximately 5,000 people near the city of San Pedro Sula.  There are not many opportunities for employment in Zolano other than a nearby garment factory or farming.  Most of the adults in the community cannot read or write.

(left) "Downtown" Zolano

Some of the common health problems facing the community are asthma, parasites and malnutrition.  There is only one government school in Zolano.  Tuition is free but the cost of a uniform, mandatory school supplies and other necessities put the cost of education well beyond what the poorest families can pay, especially those with many children.

Because of these issues and many others, Pastor Gregorio and Francisca have started a feeding program for the children of Zolano.  The goal of this feeding program is to meet the needs of Zolano's children in 4 key areas of development: physical, intellectual, social/emotional and spiritual. 

Ideally, the feeding program would be held in the church building but currently Iglesia Cristo Centro Zolano does not have a permanent structure.  Their hope is to purchase a larger piece of land to put up a permanent building.

(right) Iglesia Cristo Centro Zolano

Currently the feeding program is being held at the home of one of Iglesia Cristo Centro Zolano's members, whose dream it was to be able to feed children.

(left) The current "home" of the feeding program

The children come to the feeding program Monday through Friday where they are taught using various methods including manipulatives, Bible lessons and stories.  While the lessons are taking place, food is being prepared for the children.

Some of the women of the church come to help prepare the food each day.  The older girls who attend the feeding program are being trained to help in the kitchen and have been given the responsibility of serving the younger children when the food is ready.

(below) The children enjoying their meal

The children also receive vitamins as part of their daily diet.

Children who are old enough to attend school also receive financial assistance with the cost of their school uniform, books, mandatory supplies and the other necessities required for them to attend public school.  

You can help make it possible for a child to participate in Cristo Centro Zolano's feeding and educational program as well as giving them the opportunity to attend school.

To learn more about how to sponsor a child, please visit our Sponsorship page.  To view photos and information of children who are waiting for a sponsor, please visit our Children in Need page.  Will you help a Honduran child today?