Terrier Rouge, Haiti

The Baptist Church in Terrier Rouge ministers to approximately 600-700 people each Sunday, with up to 1000 people on Communion Sunday, which is the first Sunday of each month. Pastor Apollon Noël (pictured at right below with his wife, Marie) is a Haitian national pastor who has been ministering as the founder and pastor of L'Eglise Baptiste of Terrier Rouge for over 50 years. 






Pastor Marc Tyrell has been Pastor Noël's assistant since 2003. He is pictured at left with his wife, Florcie, and his two daughters, Lyse and Flordwing.



(right) Inside the Baptist Church in Terrier Rouge


Terrier Rouge is a large community of over 20,000 people (including the surrounding areas) located  in Northeast Haiti on the main trade route between Cap-Haitien, the second-largest city in the country, and the border of the Dominican Republic.  There are a variety of ways in which the people in Terrier Rouge earn a living - everything from merchants, mechanics, construction trades, agriculture, etc. but the majority of the people do not have regular employment. 

Please note: Because of a misunderstanding between the World Food Program and the school in Terrier Rouge, none of the children in any part of the school are currently receiving a meal at school.  We hope and pray for a resolution to this situation soon.

The school of the Baptist Church in Terrier Rouge is divided into three separate entities -

The Center of Protection

The Center of Protection provides a half-day of education for children ages 3 through 5.  The Center has its own building separate from the rest of the school and the Center children all receive a hot meal at the end of their school day.


The School

 (left) the school building of the Baptist Church in Terrier Rouge, which is used by both the primary and the secondary students.







The Primary School - class levels 1 through 6 - is comparable to an Elementary School in the United States. The School students also receive a hot meal at the end of their school day.




The Secondary School

The Secondary School is comparable to middle and high school combined. Many of the students in the secondary school are older than the typical middle or high school age student in the United States, but they still desire to finish their education.  Currently the secondary students do not regularly get a meal at school because they are considered "too old" to receive food aid from The World Food Program.

The total average enrollment for all 3 parts of the Baptist School in Terrier Rouge is approximately 1,000 students.