His Hands for Brazil Child Sponsorship Program


In the poorest neighborhoods in Brazil, the cost of school clothes and school supplies put a great financial strain on families who are already living below the poverty line. 

His Hands for Brazil has established a Child Sponsorship Program through which you can sponsor a child in Brazil to help them attend school. Your sponsorship fee of $30.00 per month will provide them with school clothes twice per year, school supplies, and participation in the Gospel In Action program on Saturdays where they participate in a Bible lesson, crafts, games, soccer, and are provided with food.  The Gospel In Action program also provides some food staples for the family for the other six days of the week.

Sponsors receive a photo and personal information about the child they are helping including information about how to correspond with their child, if they choose to do so. Sponsors can choose the age and/or gender of the child they would like to sponsor and may continue to sponsor the same child from year to year, as long as the child remains in the program. 100% of the sponsorship payment goes directly to Brazil. None of it is used to cover the administrative expenses of this program in the US.


Sponsoring a child in Brazil is truly a blessing not only to the child, but to the sponsor as well. If you would like information about how you can sponsor a Brazilian child, please contact us. If you would like to view some of the children that are available to be sponsored, please visit our Children In Need page.

Won't you reach out and help?  Sponsor a Brazilian child today!  Please contact us.