Upcoming Events of His Hands Support Ministries - 2021

Due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic, many of our trips are still on hold.  We continue to monitor the situation, including travel restrictions and warnings, and will try to reschedule our on-hold trips as we are able - either later in 2021 or in 2022.  Below are the trips we have been able to reschedule so far:

His Hands for Honduras:  July 18 - 27, 2021 - Eight team members will visit our existing partners in the San Pedro Sula area as well as visiting a possible new partner in another area of the country.

His Hands for Mexico: August 2021 - TBA

His Hands for Nicaragua: September 2021 - TBA

His Hands for Haiti: October 2021 - a trip has been planned but we will be monitoring the situation in Haiti in the wake of the assassination of their president.  Please pray for our partners, the children, and the country of Haiti.

His Hands for Tanzania, His Hands for East Africa, His Hands for Kenya: We hope to do a combined trip to all three programs in late October/early November of 2021.

All the remaining programs we have not yet been able to visit continue to be on hold while the pandemic situation unfolds.  Also, please pray for our partners and the children and seniors in Myanmar, Cuba, and eSwatini as they go through a time of great civil unrest. We will be unable to consider visiting our partners in these countries until these situations de-escalate.